This website is a catalogue of my published works. You can read my book reviews and articles here. A link to the original is attached. On the website, you will find my Brexit blog, which follows from my earlier work and interest in the politics and political economy of this event.

I have a masters degree in Political Economy of Late Development from The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Also, masters in Development Economics from City, University of London; and an undergrad in Economics from Queen Mary, University of London.

I am not affiliated with any organisation, any political party or any think tank. The purpose of this website, which I maintain with my own funds and time, is to engage with ideas which I think are important. If you have any enquires, or would like to share information on any of the issues that I am interested in, I will be glad to hear from you.

At present, I am working on:


China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)

Development Policy in South Asia

Effects of Inequality

South Asian politics in Britain