Book Reviews


 Financializing Poverty by Sohini Kar:

LSE South Asia blogs Forthcoming

Comic Performance in Pakistan by Claire Pamment

LSE South Asia blogs Jan 2018

After Piketty edited by Boushey, De Long and Steinbaum

LSE Review of Books, Sept 2017


Prison Narratives by Akhtar Baloch

LSE South Asia Blog, July 2017


The Book of Conquest by Manan Ahmad Asif

LSE South Asia Blog, Dec 2016


Democratic Dynasties edited by Kanchan Chandra

LSE Review of Books, Nov 2016


The Pakistan Paradox by Christophe Jaffrelot

LSE South Asia Blog, April 2016


Institutions, Institutional Change and Economic Performance by Douglass North

DIA Blog, Dec 2015


Kicking Away the Ladder by Ha Joon Chang

 DIA Blog, Oct 2015


Development as Freedom by Amartya Sen

DIA Blog, July 2015