Andrew Rawnsley opposes Corbyn

Andrew Rawnsley is not a Corbyn supporter. He never was from the beginning. But, Rawnsley prefers to say that he ‘comptemplated Mr Corbyn with clear eyes rathar than wearing soft-focus lenses’.

In his latest opinion piece for the Observer/Guardian, Rawnsley says that ‘The Brexit blowtorch has burnt away many fantasies’. One being, ‘that the Labour leader is in some way a special one…’ Rawnsley argues that since Corbyn supports Brexit, then those who wish for Brexit to stop must learn from their leader: ‘The conclusion for Labour supporters ought to be clear. If they want another referendum, they will have to learn from their leader and rebel against them’. The headline for Rawnley’s piece is: ‘To stop Brexit, Labour supporters will have to revolt against their leader.’

This argument is eerily closer to one Mr Rawnsley made when Jeremy Corbyn had just been elected as the Labour leader. The headline for his piece in Sep 2015 was : Jeremy Corbyn is our leader-therefore we must contradict him’.

Compare Rawnsley’s revolutionary sentiment against Corbyn with his support for the ‘eloquent’ Blair in 2006.

“And yet, for all the appalling mistakes made in Iraq and for all the ammunition it has given critics, there is still a compelling case for interventionism and Tony Blair remains its most eloquent advocate’.