Jeremy Corbyn at the Scottish Labour Conference

Addressing the Scottish Labour Conference in Dundee, Jeremy Corbyn warned against the amnesia of the past:

"But let’s not fall into the trap of thinking that everything was fine before the EU referendum."

This reminder is very important. Those who believe that the Leave vote is only driven by racism believe that those who voted leave had no other concern except the fear of the others. Corbyn reminds his listerners that life, for a large section of the society, was not hunky-dory before the referrendum: "We still had austerity, we still had homelessness and we still had thousands of workers earning less than a living wage".

Against the view incessantly promulgated in the media that Brexit has divided the country, Corbyn pointed out, correctly I think, that the real divide is not between those who voted remain or leave, but "the real divide is between the many – who do the work, create the wealth and pay their taxes – and the few – who set the rules reap the rewards and dodge their taxes."