Margaret Hodge in 2007: Prioritise 'indigenous' Britons over migrants.

The good old days before UKIP, were not so good old days. That was the time when BNP (British National Party), the extreme far right party, was gaining momentum in London, gaining a seat in London Assembly and European Parliament, and getting an invitation on the BBC Question Time. It was also the time when the Conservatives and the Labour Party were fuelling anti-immigrant sentiment.

Margaret Hodge, member of parliament for Barking, who was minister at the time, said this in 2007: “We should look at policies where the legitimate sense of entitlement felt by the indigenous family over-rides the legitimate need demonstrated by the new migrants."

Hodge's view was endorsed by the BNP. BNP said that Hodge 'deserves a word of compliment from the BNP' for raising social housing concern of the 'native Britons'.

The groundwork for UKIP was not done by Farage but by the mainstream politics of the New Labour, Cameron and May.