On European Elections

Owen Jones correctly assigns blame on the 'ultra-remainers' for the potential success of Nigel Farage and The Brexit Party in the European elections (How ultra-remainers could score a spectacular own goal on Brexit: Date 01 May 2019) . However, the danger of The Brexit party does not just depend on its electoral success. Even if The Brexit Party wins nothing, and becomes a trivia question, even then, the rhetoric of The Brexit Party— along with other far right groups—  threaten to create a hostile environment for immigrants and ethnic minorities.

The magic of Farage is that he addresses the problems of those 'left behind', yet  proposes policies that benefits him and his friends. So long as Farage speaks the language of the deprived, and proposes policies for the rich, he gains adulation from the marginalised, and gains funds from his wealthy friends.

Farage, and the Brexit Party, should be countered; their motives and their interests should be laid bare. But, before any serious discussion on Farage’s deplorable politics begins, people should renounce the assumption that all those who voted Leave are racists, and the areas that voted Leave do not face any real problems.