Conversation: ‘Brexit? What is that?’

UR, not their real name, used to vote Labour but now thinks that no party supports low paid workers. UR didn't vote in the last election, nor in the elections before that. UR worked full time in a retail store but after an accident at work reduced  their hours. For sometime after the accident, UR moved to a part time shift. Now, just few months before December, UR moved back to working five to six days, thirty, thirty-five hours a week. UR was married, but now divorced, lives with their parents. UR told me that the reason they stopped voting Labour because the party stopped caring about workers like them. Situation in the area has further worsened. UR tells me that young kids roam around with knives in the area. Someone UR knows was stabbed recently. That person died shortly afterwards. UR, since then, looks after younger family members and monitors their hours outside the house. The family has imposed restrictions on teenagers on going out at night. UR asks if politicians cared, would such a situation exist? So, UR doesn't vote anymore nor follow political news.

I asked what UR thought of Brexit?

UR replied, 'What is Brexit? What is that?’

Referendum? Did you vote? I said.

‘Oh, the referendum, no I didn't vote. I don't think it matters much to me.’

What do you make of Corbyn? You think he is different from the previous Labour leaders?

‘Who is Corbyn? I know the other person, Sadiq Khan. But, I don't think he has done much. Young kids are carrying knives in my area. I worry about that.’